Boze Geesten Podcast #2 – Alex Stein

Houellebecq vs Kirac VII The Art Collective – Stefan Ruitenbeek & Kate Sinha Boze Geesten Podcast

Guest: Stefan Ruitenbeek & Kate Sinha Once again, Stefan Ruitenbeek and Kate Sinha, the driving force behind Kirac (Keeping It Real Art Critics), find themselves in a maze of controversies, intrigues, mud-slinging, and lawsuits. How do they keep a cool head, as a young family and up-and-coming filmmakers? How do they view the lawsuit themselves? How do they explain the bombast and floundering of star author Michel Houellebecq and his wife Lysis? And how do they intend to make a film out of all this material? About the series Houellebecq vs Kirac: In this special series I want to report on the lawsuit between Michel Houellebecq on one side and KIRAC, or Keeping It Real Art Critics, on the other side. Leading up to the judge's verdict in about four weeks, I want to talk to various directly involved parties, in the lawsuit and in the making process of Kirac's film, the film about Houellebecq, the film that Houellebecq wants to ban. Audio: Jasper Cremers Camera: Thomas de Boer, Sebastiaan Verbeeten & Just van Westen Special thanks to: Gerechtshof Amsterdam, Melissa Zijlstra, Ron van Leeuwen, Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm, Levina van Winden, Jini van Rooijen, Isa Moleman, Forrest Muelrath, Philip van den Hurk, Stefan Ruitenbeek, Kate Sinha, Josha Sietsma, Sietske’s Pottery & Cartoon Box Animations Support Open Geesten / Zomergeesten / Boze Geesten Podcast 👉 👉 Support via Patreon: 👉 Support via Petje af: 👉 Follow me on Instagram: 👉 SUBSCRIBE YouTube-channel: *** Keeping It Real Art Critics:
  1. Houellebecq vs Kirac VII The Art Collective – Stefan Ruitenbeek & Kate Sinha
  2. Houellebecq vs Kirac VI The Mecenas – Philip van den Hurk (ENG subs)
  3. Houellebecq vs Kirac V The New York Art Critic – Forrest Muelrath
  4. Houellebecq vs Kirac IV The Muse – Jini Jane (ENG subs)
  5. Houellebecq vs Kirac III The Girl – Isa Moleman (ENG subs)

In this episode we will discuss the topic of the rising conflict in Israel and Palestine last week together with Alex Stein, Kai Shmushko and Daan F Oostveen.

Me and my girlfriend are in Deventer for a long weekend of relaxation with our good friends Daan and Kai. Because Kai is from Israël we’ve been talking 247 about the rising conflicts in the Middle East. Traditionally the social media timelines are polarizing the discourse and I articulate my need for a nuanced debate. Daan decides to call his friend Alex, a specialist on this topic who lives in Israël, to get a live update on the situation. 

In the second half of this episode we will discuss his analysis in the light of the Western view and the polarized public sphere. 

This episode was recorded on 14 may 2021

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